Keith’s Cinelli MASH Work

We are absolutely fired up about the chance to build a new 2017 Cinelli MASH Work frame, almost as excited as Keith was about selecting components discerningly and getting the project together.  Lots of choice components here from the old standbys -… [more]

Keith’s Cinelli MASH Work Keith's Cinelli MASH Work

Custom Piolet

Josh and Pete just wrapped up this custom Piolet build up as an all weather, all terrain vehicle for one of our regulars.  It's difficult to point out "highlights" when basically every part is something special, down to color matching the bar end plugs… [more]

Custom Piolet Custom Piolet

New Year’s Day Ramble

  I was invited to small group ride on New Year's Day, which ended up being just five of us by the 9:30 rollout. Myself, Sandy, our salesperson Rob, and our new friend Annemarie ventured out to Acton and back for a nearly perfect 50 mile ride.… [more]

New Year’s Day Ramble New Year's Day Ramble