Just another street fightAn ancient Peruvian master, forty-years-versed in the lethal martial art of extreme bicycle maintenance…

Just another street fightA brave young challenger of unknown origin, fresh-faced and knobby-kneed, ready to risk it all for one shot at the impossible dream…

Who will be the victor in this, the ultimate Cambridge Bicycle test of endurance, cunning, agility, and brute force? Who will perish and who will survive– crippled but heroic under the most noble of crowns?

Just another street fightArmed with an iron pipe typically reserved for increased torque on only the toughest bottom brackets, Ryan Stanis launches into his relentless assault on the reigning champion, Abraham Pinedo.

Just another street fightAbraham counters with a vicious crane-kick, sending young Ryan reeling in defense. Such form!

Just another street fight
At the end of an epic duel, friends remain friends, and the true enemy–hatred–has been put to rest. Just another day at your friendly neighborhood bike shop!