Terry Single Speed Conversion
We’ve had a Terry Despatch frameset kicking around the basement for some time. It’s a great, unique frame designed for women– especially short women. Local actress and Boston Improv intern Natasha is only 5’2″ and this build fits her perfectly! The front wheel is a 24″ road wheel, and the rear is a single-speed flip-flop hub laced to a machined Weinmann DP-18.

New and used Terry frames are available on their their website. If immediate satisfaction is more your style we also have a few small-frame single speed, fixed gear, and multi-gear bikes perfect for smaller riders: the Redline 925 (44 cm) fixed/freewheel, SE’s Lager fixed/freewheel in a 47cm, and as usual our Greens are always available in 14″ stepthrough frames. Come check them out!