Many urban cyclists have long appreciated the reliability of bikes without derailleurs, shifters, or multiple gears. Having fewer parts on your bike reduces wear and tear and simplifies your maintenance routine. For those looking for the ultimate simplicity we have models with a fixed-gear drivetrain that lasts through the worst weather Boston offers.  Coasting or not, single-speeds offer an escape from dropped chains, unreliable shifting, and bent derailleurs while providing the comfort, swiftness, and reliability an urban cyclist needs.

Our options always include track bikes and single speed options from KHS, Fuji, Raleigh and more. Looking for something extra special? Stop by our Superb Bicycle location for one-off frames, unique components, and custom builds.


2014 fuji feather steel alloy single speed fixed gear
Fuji Feather


2014 fuji declaration steel alloy single speed fixed gear
Fuji Declaration


2014 raleigh roper single speed cross bike steel alloy
Raleigh Furley


2014 khs urban soul 4130 steel single speed commuter
KHS Urban Soul