We sell pure track bikes from Bianchi, Fuji and others which can be modified for street riding.
Cambridge Boston track bicycle racers

Brands include Campagnolo, Deda, Formula, Izumi, Mavic, MKS, Nitto, Phil Wood, Sugino, Shimano, Velocity, plus smaller brands.


Track Bikes are defined by their ability to ride in a track race within the rules of an indoor or outdoor velodrome. Brakes are not allowed in track races as they may cause sudden and unpredictable movements. Within a pack of riders this may result in a greater chance of accidents. Tires and wheels are narrow, with the tires inflated to rock hard pressures to minimize “rolling resistance” friction.

The choice of track bicycle gear ratio is very important.

  • A low ratio is used in races where getting a “jump” on an opponent can make or break the event.
  • A big gear makes it easier to sustain a higher top-end in time trialing, but is also important in standard races in which the pace will be high.
  • Mass-start race cyclists must find a ratio that balances these two requirements.

Summer Omnium Race Series New England Velodrome

Dick Ring announces Cambridge Bicycle
Omnium Race Series at New England Velodrome

KHS Flite 100 track bike

KHS® Flite 100

Furman Kugler 1940 national bicycle racing champion
Charlie Jaeger champion bicycle racer