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If your bike needs repair, we’re here to fix it.  We offer a full range of services for your bike, as well as free estimates so you know about how much your repair costs before we work on it.  We stock replacement parts and components for most road, mountain, hybrid, and commuter bikes.

Below is just a quick summary of what we offer. For more, stop by with your bike or simply contact us.



Need a tune-up? We’re your shop. Our tune-ups include adjusting all parts on a bike, including adjusting your shifting, braking, and truing both wheels.  Bring your bike in for a free estimate and let us take it from there.


Flat fixes

Flat tires happen. We’re here to fix them with a turnaround as quick as 15 minutes.  With our inventory of  tubes and tires from 8” to 29” we can get just about any bike with a busted tube rolling again.



Riding a bike can be fun and fast, but we all like to stop on our own terms.  We can adjust or replace parts on just about any type of brake from older road rim brakes, to newer hydraulic systems. We stock replacement brakes for most common types, as well as individual components including cables, brake pads, and disc brake rotors.



Sometimes your bike’s chain and cogs need a little bit of love. We can adjust or replace parts on just about any bicycle from antique three speeds to vintage hybrids to modern race bikes. If you have a bike that was made within the last 50 years, chances are we have both the know-how and compatible parts needed to help you out.



If you have wheels on your bike we can service them. If not, we can replace them.  We offer hub overhauls, wheel truing, and spoke replacements for just about anything that rolls through our door.  Are your wheels are broken, worn out, or missing? We stock replacement wheels in dozens of common and uncommon standards. For discerning cyclists, unique projects, or high demand cycling we also offer custom wheel builds done on location. Ask for a free quote.