Fall Lighting

Oct 12, 2011

Serfas Planetbike USB lights

Leaves are changing, the weather’s getting cooler (some days, at least), and the sun isn’t staying up until 8:30 pm anymore. Fall is in full swing, and that means everyone’s at risk of getting caught after dusk earlier in the day. We always have a full range of lights in stock from $30/set and up. Above are a few higher-caliber options for those commuting either on dark roads and paths, or in very awful weather, or both. Left to right: Planet Bike Blaze 2 watt headlight, Serfas TSL-250 usb-rechargeable headlight, Cygolite  Hotshot 2 watt usb-rechargable rear light, and the Plant Bike Superflash Turbo 1 watt rear light.

Serfas USB Raider lights

Also in stock are “to be seen” lights that are for being out at night on roads that are well lit. Above are the Serfas Raider 5-led front and rear lamps. They’re USB rechargeable, easily taken on and off the bike, and easy to pocket, and only $39.95 each.  Don’t be stuck out at night without lights. It’s not just illegal, it’s  incredibly unsafe.