Cambridge Bicycle Track Bike Boutique!

Jun 5, 2008

Today came a long awaited package from EAI. For anyone who has wanted to build a really nice custom track bike the wait has been long for these super in-demand frames. But the 3 month wait is over and we now have 4 EAI Bareknuckle Framesets. These framesets where the perfect addition to our recent renovation to the shop. We now have our own track bike boutique set up in the back of the shop so when you come in and want to do that special custom build, we have a place to get out of the way and talk about all the available options. So stop in and check out all the new goods.

PS there is a new shipment of Aerospokes and Freightbags in hot summer colors that should be landing in the next few weeks.EAI Bareknuckle FramesetsEAI Bareknuckle Framesets