Chain-Driven Grain Thresher

Nov 18, 2013

MIT project Cambridge Bicycle

MIT project Cambridge Bicycle

MIT project Cambridge Bicycle

We just received this awesome e-mail from an MIT student we supplied parts to:


Thank you so much for giving us the bicycle hub for free! It was a crucial mechanical component in our product prototype. I have attached some pictures in this email for you to look at!

Our team is currently working on a motorcycled-powered grain threshing and winnowing device for the developing countries. This device will potentially reduce the work hours of farmers so that they will be able to focus on other activities. The product is currently in the prototyping stage and we are hoping to take it a step further in the development process.

Jiahui Liang

We’re always glad to help with an MIT project. It looks like an awesome idea, and a smart use of a singlespeed freewheel. Good luck with the project!