Children’s Bikes for the Holiday

Dec 3, 2012

2013 kids bikes from Raleigh and Diamondback

Now that Thanksgiving’s behind us, we’re officially in the holiday shopping season. We are fully stocked with kids bikes by Raleigh, Diamondback, and SE ranging from 12″ models with training wheels up to 24″ hybrid and BMX models. Two models we’re excited about are:

2013 Diamondback Insight 24

Diamondback’s 2013 Insight 24 (above) and Clarity 24 (same model, but pink) are 12-speed hybrid road bikes with super light aluminum frames and grip shifters. These are perfect for kids who are not quite big enough for an adult sized bike but are ready for their first multiple-speed road bike. They are super sleek and only $300!

2012 SE Sodapop 20

For those who ride in mostly flatter areas, or prefer a mechanically simpler bike for their children, SE’s Soda Pop models are a great option. These bikes come in 20″ and 24″ wheel sizes and we have them in multiple color options. They are just $249 for the 20″, and $309 for the 24″ with hand brakes.

Regardless of your child’s model or wheel size we have tons of products that make great gifts and stocking stuffers:

Gift Ideas Under $10

Dinosaur bell

We have tons of bicycle bells priced at $9.95 or less! Our styles include woodland critters, dinosaurs, hamburger, and pirate. For extra flair, we have handlebar streamers for just $5.95 and spoke beads (below) at just $0.25 each.

Spokey Doke spoke beads for spokes

Gift Ideas Under $20

Oury BMX waffle grips

Refresh a used kid’s bike with new Oury BMX Waffle Grips. All Oury grips are made in the USA with soft but durable kraton rubber. These BMX grips are thinner than most mountain or hybrid grips and are prefect for smaller hands. Several color options are available for just $11.95.

Gift Ideas under $50

Peterboro baskets for children's bicycles

Bell Fraction Bern Nina kids helmets

Always in stock are youth helmets by Bell and Bern. For infants, toddlers, and small children Bell has several safe models for $39.95.  For a helmet with snazzy designs and fun graphics Bell has the Fraction ($44.95 in XS or SM sizes) with Paul Frank designs.  For a fun, but more reserved aesthetic Bern’s Nino and Nina zip-molded helmets come in solid colors as well as with racing stripes in two sizes for just $49.95.

Gift Ideas Over $100

Child carrier seats by Topeak and Ibert

For infants and toddlers too young to ride we have child carrier seats by Topeak ($159) and iBert ($110). The Topeak SafetySeat II attaches to a rear rack (included) and works with most 700c or 26″ bike frame with rack eyelets. The iBert Safety Seat attaches to the front end of the bike and is best used on bikes with rigid forks. If you’re not sure about your recipients’ bikes we also have gift certificates available in any amount.