Chrome Bags Restock

Oct 12, 2012

Chrome Citizen Nite series accessory pouch

Back in stock are several backpacks, messenger bags, and accessories by Chrome. Above is a detail of their $19.95 accessory pouch mounted on a Citizen Pack Nite Series edition – all blacked out with reflective striping and detailing. There’s not even a hint of color here – a nice, classy neutral-colored pack for those who prefer a more toned-down look. Below is a full shot of the back panel and flap:

Chrome Citizen Nite series
In a similar visual style, we also have a super affordable, waterproof pack by Chrome called the District:

Chrome District waterproof pack

Chrome District waterproof pack

The District is a flap-top back with a velcro-sealed enclosure. This means yo have the benefit of a roll-top pack that’s easier to close. It has really durable fasteners, is reasonably light-weight, and is only $110. We have an additional model, the  Delta, which is the same price, same materials,  with a different main enclosure.  We quite the variety of waterproof bags with single-strap and two-strap design.  If your current bag is starting to show its age, or you haven’t found an appropriate, durable and waterproof pack rugged enough for New England’s weather, now’s your time to stop by.