Custom Freight Baggage!

Nov 5, 2007

We are extremely excited about our upcoming shipment of Freight Baggage Messenger Slings, Backpacks, Hip packs, and Top Tube Protectors. Each bag is lovingly hand made in San Fransisco by Travis Poh. Since Travis hand makes every bag he has offered us the opportunity to custom design our bags. This means we can choose the colors of the Cordura, Vinyl, Trim, Velcro, and even Stitching! So our last order, which is possibly on the way to the shop as I write this, was all custom designed by us right down to the thread. So stop by the shop in the upcoming week and hopefully the bags will be in. If you don’t like the color schemes we picked out, or we have already sold the bag you wanted, we can make a custom order for you for a bag to your exact specification as long as you can wait the month or 2 turn around necessary for custom bags.
Custom Freight_01