DJ Mayhem in da House!

Feb 12, 2009

So I’m coming to you today as my alter nightlife ego Dj Mayhem. Mild Mannered Bike Shop Manager Jason by day, Totally insane Dj by night. Some of you already know my night life identity if you have been in attendence of any of the bold sprints events at All Asia over the past few years, or maybe you come to my weekly Sunday residency, Do It Again, at Zuzu in Central Square, but incase you dont know me, I am introducing myself right now! If your passions also include biking and dancing, we should probably be friends. So the main reason I am doing this is to get everyone up to speed on some pretty amazing events coming up in the next month or so. Also feel free to listen to my latest mix, better yet download it to your ipod and give it a listen on your next commute, it is sure to get you pedaling faster.

Mayhem Live @ Do It Again by doitagain

So first up is Bold Sprints, Presented by Cambridge Bicycle, at the corner of the Middle East. This one is gonna be intense, I’ll be Djing and we have scored a pretty extensive list of prizes from some amazing companies so you better not miss it.

DJ Mayhem_01
After the Sprints we’ll be taking the Afterparty next door to Zuzu, to get down with Ghostdad, Ryan Durkin, Brek.One and myself on the decks!

DJ Mayhem_02
Then on Friday March 13th Cambridge Bicycle is throwing a huge Freddy vs Jason Alleycat On Elm st. This event is going to be huge, tons of sponsors and an after party that will be talked about for years. That is all I am going to divulge for now on that topic, but you better mark the date.