ESPN Fixed-Gear Article

Sep 27, 2009

ESPN Fixed-Gear Article

We got word today of us being quoted in an article about fixed-gear bicycles on ESPN’s website [link]. The story’s author, Mary Buckhelt, quoted our description of fixed-gear bikes:

“The experts at Cambridge Bicycle on Massachusetts Avenue in Boston explain that because it has only one gear, fixies are technically a subset of single-speed bicycles, “but fixed-gears are better thought of as a separate category of bicycle entirely, with their own enthusiast culture.”

We’re pretty excited about this, of course. It’s not every day the shop gets mentioned on a website with a readership like ESPN. If you’re interested in learning more about fixed gear stuff, feel free to come into the shop. We have plenty around the shop to show (and test ride). You might also want to check out our sister shop, Superb, as well.

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