Freddy vs. Jason: Some Photos and Commentary

Mar 14, 2009

As many of you know, I am an experienced < href="" target="_blank">USAC racer. F vs. J was my first alleycat. I had a great time at this well organized and challenging event. Here are a couple of Cambridge riders’ full race reports : RMM’s version.
Seth’s version

Natasha took some great photos that I am able to share with you here:

Milling around waiting for instructions:

Freddy vs. Jason 1In place of a clearly defined start, an address was yelled out unexpectedly, triggering a panicked mass start (I believe that I am the streak on the left):

Freddy vs. Jason 2

Well chosen checkpoints insured that riders would have to rely on their wits and geographic knowledge as much as their legs and lungs:

Freddy vs. Jason 3

In the end, pre-race favorite Gary Bavolar secured second overall. More importantly, he scored the coveted PedalStrike Freddy vs. Jason cap. He then MC’d BoldSprints like a pro, until he succumbed to illness:

Freddy vs. Jason 4

Even CB shop owner Kip got in on the sprinting action:

Freddy vs. Jaso 5

As expected, Peter Bradshaw won the BoldSprints overall (btw congratulate Peter on achieving an upgrade to category one on the road when you see him):

Freddy vs. Jason 6

In conclusion, we should all thank Jason/DJ Mayhem and Tammy for putting this all together:

Freddy vs. Jason 7