Giordana is in!

May 3, 2012

Giordana Silverline men's summer jersey

Giordana women's summer cycling jersey

Summer seems to be just around the corner so we’ve revamped our riding apparel inventory from Giordana. Now in stock are tons of options for men and women, including full zippered jerseys, tank tops, shorts, knickers, bib shorts, and arm warmers. Also in are synthetic and wool socks, and tons of road-style gloves in varying amounts of padding. Cycling caps from Giordana, Pace, as well as our own shop hats are in stock, too!

Giordana Silverline men's summer bib shorts

It’s getting to be nearly perfect weather for more time in the saddle. Having effective clothing can mean the difference between finishing your ride or cutting it short due to discomfort and soreness. Come by and our sales staff will help you pick out what’s suited best for your style of riding.