GORE Bike Wear restock

Nov 17, 2013

Gore bike wear winter 2013Winter is coming, and we have what you need for gear. We just received a sizable shipment from Gore Bike Wear. Back in stock are gloves, jackets, waterproof socks, and headgear that will keep you warm through the worst of it. Here’s a quick rundown:

The jackets we have are Path Gore-Tex in a men’s cut ($199), and Oxygen Gore-Tex Active in a ladies’ cut ($230). Both are made with Gore-Tex, meaning they’re waterproof, breathable, and incredibly durable (and stain resistant!). These are perfect for layering under in order to keep warm and dry, as they have a more relaxed fit than their more trim racing garments. Both models have articulated elbows, extra-long sleeves, and a dropped back for extra comfort and coverage a cyclist needs.

Gore bike wear gloves Countdown cross Gore Tex

Nobody likes cold, wet hands, especially in winter. The Countdown glove has both a thermal insulating layer and a waterproof Gore-Tex shell ($79.95, above left), making it the most versatile glove we carry.  Next to it is the Cross glove, their waterproof Gore-Tex glove with less insulation, but a bigger cuff to keep water out.

Gore bike wear Countdown Road Windstopper Lobster Claw Glove

We also have two models that are water-resistant, with Windstopper material. Windstopper is a windproof soft-shell material that blocks all windchill\. It’s a great material for days when it’s too cold to rain. Above on the left is the Power SO Windstopper glove, ($55.95), which helps with fighting wind chill. For riders who are naturally more cold, or are battling the lowest temperatures we get,  we have the brand new Windstopper Road Lobster Claws ($79.95) which groups fingers together to help trap body heat, but is still dexterous enough to use with road shifters and handlebars.

All of  our products from Gore Bike Wear are developed for the most active cyclists for multiple years of hard wear and tear. We stock the gear our employees use and recommend from their own experience in all-weather commuting.  If you’d like a full demonstration or need help sizing up please ask our sales staff. They’ll be eager to help and explain why our inventory from Gore will benefit your riding.