Gore Bike Wear

Oct 31, 2012

2013 Gore Bike Wear Paclite Countdown jackets for men and women

Winter is closer than it seems. The key to staying on the bike through winter, and to experience the benefits of bike-commuting year-round, is to make yourself comfortable when riding. Gore Bike Wear makes some of our favorite products that perform the best during the worst weather New England gets. Gore Bike Wear is Goretex’s own bike-specific product line, meaning that they adapt all of Gore’s textile technology for bike-specific performance. If you don’t have a proper rain shell then we suggest the Countdown jacket and pants, made with Goretex’s Paclite waterproof material – rugged, durable, and made for the hard wear and tear of commuting. These jackets are cut to fit for cycling: they have an extended tail in the back for when you’re in riding position, and also allow for layering underneath so you can use them year-round.

2013 Gore Bike Wear gloves with Goretex and Windstopper

Nothing’s worse than cold hands, feet, or ears. We have Gore Bike Wear gloves in three types. Waterproof hardshell, Windstopper thermal, and soft-shell thermal gloves with Goretex outer. We also have in their waterpoof socks, which are as awesome as it sounds, and Windstopper headgear: helmet liners and full-face balaclavas. Windstopper is a windproof material that cuts out cooling via windchill, allowing your body to keep a layer of warm air around you. Windstopper also allows for passive ventilation, meaning that it’s fully breathable and helps prevent you from overheating mid-ride. Don’t get caught out in the cold! Ask our sales staff to help you find what you need to stay warm and dry.