Grudgematch 3 is in the books. Everyone is safe and sound.

May 3, 2009

Lucas “Safety” Brunelle going head-to-head with Morgan from Cambridge Bicycle at the checkpoint in Grudgematch 3 on Friday night.

Friday night was Grudgematch 3, a one checkpoint alleycat from Chinatown to Forrest Hills, and back to the party at Puma City on the waterfront. At the checkpoint, everyone had to go head-to-head on the tricycles before booking it back downtown. Matt Budd of Budd Bike Works got the wholeshot out of the Kneeland St. courts, and was first into the checkpoint. Steve Pork Sword took the win ahead of Ben despite being in the second heat on the trikes! Back at the party we proceeded to drink up a $2000 bar tab before last call!

The race was sponsored by Cambridge Bicycle, Freight Baggage, Jacobs Bicycles, and the BBMA. It was also a fundraiser for the upcoming NACCC09Boston.

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Ride Safe, Ya’ll!