Intro to Bike Camping with Swift Industries

Apr 22, 2017



Camping season is finally here, and we’re focusing on helping you make the most of it! Join us this Sunday in our shop for an Intro to Bike Camping workshop with the founder/owner/creative director of Swift Industries, Martina!  Doors open at 6:30, presentation starts at 7!

Martina’s presentation is focused on executing a bike camping adventure with an emphasis on accessibility and reducing the learning curve of being self-sustainable on two wheels. She will be explaining how to prepare to ride to and from your campsite and have a great close-to-home adventure!

Not only will we be showing the latest, limited Campout gear from Swift, but our own personal bike camping setups will be on display. You can check it all out while poking our brains about touring in the Boston area and enjoying a beer on us.

We’re also using this event to announce our destination for our second annual Swift Industries Solstice Campout!  We’re very excited to be joining others around the world enjoying the experience of cycling and camping, and we’re hoping the workshop this Sunday will help our group grow a little bigger this year.  If you’re interested in camping with us, stay tuned!