Introducing Yuba Bikes

Jul 5, 2015

yuba boda boda mundo cambridge cargo bicycle boston

We stock all sorts of racks and baskets from a variety of brands, but sometimes we all feel like we need something more tailored for heavy duty use. That’s why we brought in Yuba. You’ll see these longtail cargo bicycles all over Cambridge and Boston, and they’re designed from the ground up for practical, everyday utility cycling:

yuba boda boda mundo cambridge cargo bicycle bostonYuba’s Boda Boda 8 is a fantastic cargo bike for Cambridge. With a simple 8-speed drivetrain, lightweight (for a cargo bike) aluminum frame, and smaller deck, it bridges the feel of a standard comfort bike with the extra-usefulness of a rear cargo deck much bigger than a standard rack. At just $999 it’s a cost-effective convenience to haul what you need to.

yuba boda boda mundo cambridge cargo bicycle boston
Our record so far is one mechanic carrying two salespeople on the Mundo. With a weight limit over 400 lbs plus rider weight, you can see why this was no problem on the Mundo.  With a rock-solid 4130 chromoly frame, extended cargo rack, and robust 21-speed drivetrain, you can start to see why everyone needs one. Haul your friends on it, take the kids to school, buy groceries for a month, carry two kegs on the back – if you can think of it, the Yuba can likely carry it.  At $1399 it’s a high-value workhorse  to get what you need done.

You can find both the Boda Boda and Mundo on our sales floor. Ask a salesperson how either model can enhance your life on a bike.