Kid’s Bikes Report

Dec 17, 2012

2013 kids bikes from Raleigh and Diamondback

As of this morning, we have the following kids bikes in stock. Please note that today is about the last day we’d be able to order bikes from our brands and ensure that they’d be able to arrive before Christmas. If you’ve been putting off a holiday purchase we strongly recommend giving us a call to help you remedy that.

The following kid’s models are in stock:

Miz Della Cruz, 20″ lime green
Della Cruz, 24″ blue
Lustre 24, 24″ purple
Insight 24, 24″ black
Clarity 24″, 24″ pink
Session Am (BMX), 20″, grey/black
Session Pro (BMX), 24″, black

Lil Push, pink
Cupcake, 12″ pink
MXR Micro, 12″ red
MXR Mini, 16″ red
MXR 20, 20″ black
Rowdy, 20″ green
Lily 20″ pink
Retro 20, 20″ blue

SE Bikes
Soda Pop 20″, blue/white
Soda Pop 20″, white/red
Soda Pop 24″, black/green
Soda Pop 24″, blue

These models only reflect our current in-store inventory. All models listed above are in limited supply. We are able to store all new bikes that are paid in full until 12 PM on Dec. 24 for no extra charge. Be sure to stop by or call us with any questions.