Minidrome Madness

Jan 26, 2014

The other day, Paul Carson, a local frame-builder and teacher, announced a minidrome was completed inside the Artisan’s Asylum, a Somerville collective art space. Some of the Cambridge Bicycle crew headed up to check it out armed with a stash of beer and a vintage GT Dyno. The results were beautiful.

Party supplies

You can see this wasn’t your average Red Bull-chugging minidrome event.

Artisan's Asylum minidrome DIY track

Bill’s up there rocking our snack bike, a vintage GT Dyno. It’s not even broken after this.

Artisan's Asylum minidrome DIY track

At the start, it was supposed to be for fixed gears and BMX bikes only, but with as many sweet bikes as the Artisan’s Asylum has kicking around, it wasn’t long before freak bikes, cargo bikes, and Razer scooters started going at it.

We’re looking forward to more events with this thing, since it’s designed to be portable and fairly quick to re-assemble. Hopefully we all see you at the next one!