MIPS Helmets are in!

Apr 4, 2015

giro savant sutton sonnet mips helmet

Ever since the technology was first discussed, we’ve been anticipating having MIPS not just available in the US, but in stock in our shop. We’re excited to say that we have four new helmets with this feature: the Savant MIPS, Feather MIPS, Sutton MIPS, and Sonnet MIPS.  What does MIPS do? Basically, it provides a secondary safety measure to prevent concussions and injury from angular rotations in addition to the impact protection standard helmets offers. We have MIPS-enabled helmets in commuter, road cycling, and mountain biking models in stock now.

bike commuter road cyclist in giro savant mips helmet

Our new sales associate Ben H. approves.

You can read more about what MIPS is at the MIPS official website or stop by and talk with our helpful staff.