New Arrivals

Aug 2, 2013

Blaze 2 watt light combo

Who loves new products? We do! We have new arrivals to our retail floor. Above is the Planet Bike Blaze 2-watt combo set. It has a rear Superflash Turbo light and the front is a new, compact version of their trusty Beamer 2-watt light! These are very bright and at just $69.95, an awesome value.

XLC Beamer light set
Our new basic light set is the XLC Minibeamer. It’s a bright, compact two-light set for just $19.95.

Odyssey Twisted Pedals with matching Aaron Ross grips

Our favorite commuting pedals and grips are back in stock: Odyssey Twisted PC pedals and Aaron Ross grips. We’ve got them in matching sets to freshen up your city bike. We also just got in a new, version: