New Staff Picks

Jun 4, 2013

Superb track crankset

We’re always asking our staff what products they’d like to see in the shop. Here are some  staff-recommended products we are stocking this season. Above are Superb Track Cranks, a classic, high-polish square taper crankset that would be a perfect upgrade to add a unique detail to a single speed bike (like a KHS Flite 100 or Fuji Feather).

Ritchey Torquekey torque key wrench

If you’ve purchased a road bike from us with a carbon seatpost (like Jamis Icon Pro, or Raleigh Revenio Carbon 1.0), you’re going to want a Ritchey Torquekey. This tool is basically a mini torque wrench, and is designed to tighten 3mm, 4mm, 5mm fasteners rated to 5Nm of torque (such as a seat binder) without over-tighening.

Salsa stainless steel cages nickless

Ever lose a bottle on a bumpy descent?  It’s not a great time. Salsa’s stainless steel water bottle cages grip really tightly and look really nice. These are a great addition to any steel road or mountain bike, such as a Bianchi Volpe or Jamis Dragon.

Velo Orange Porteur Rack stainless steel

It’s an unwritten rule at CB that no fewer than two staff members must own a stainless steel Velo Orange Porteur Rack on a commuting or touring bike. Pete and Ben both swear by them. They’re perhaps the best method for carrying pizza by bike, as well as nearly anything you can strap down to it. Not sure if a porteur rack will fit on your bike? Feeling unsure about installing it yourself? Ask our staff!

Velo Orange stainless fenders touring 45mm

We carry plastic fenders by Planet Bike and they work pretty well. If you’re tired of settling for “pretty well” and are looking for pure excellence in fender form, look no further. Velo Orange stainless steel fenders are a great addition to any touring bike, hybrid, or commuter bike. We’re stocking them in a 45mm width but can order them in other sizes.  Ask our staff if your bike can fit them and to have us install them!

Hammergel Hammer Gel nutrition

In cycling sometimes the smallest things can have a huge impact.  Our staff swears by Hammer Gel for a boost during their longer rides, especially with the heat we’ve been having. More compact and lighter weight than bananas, and come in more flavors, too!  We’re not saying that they’ll make you a better rider, but they might make you feel like one.

These are just a few special picks out of our sales inventory that are staff recommended, used, and owned.  Always feel welcome to pick our staff’s brain about what we carry and why. Keep an eye on the blog for more staff picks to come.