Ortlieb Panniers and Backpacks

May 21, 2012

Ortlieb waterproof touring commuting panniers and backpacks

Our Ortlieb inventory has been completely refreshed – back in stock are our usual standby Bike Roller Classic, Office Bag, and Bike Packer Classic panniers as well as their Velocity Rucksack, Messenger Bag, and Messenger Pro backpacks. We also have their size small pannier bags – for either use on a front rack or as a smaller rear bag for when a larger rear bag may be too much. New-to-us are these two models:

Ortlieb city biker Ql2 Ql3
…The City Biker…

Ortlieb downtown Ql2 Ql3

…And The Downtown… Both of these models have Ortlieb’s new QL3 design that allow the bag to be placed on a rack and removed as quickly as their standard QL2 design, but without bulk, hard plastic protrusions that make the bags less comfortable to walk around with. They’re the perfect bag for someone who needs a bag to be carried by bike as easily and often as by hand.