Peterboro Baskets for Spring

Apr 2, 2013

Peterboro baskets bike baskets racktop basket kid's basket pet carrierPeterboro Baskets are back in stock for spring! For owners with a classic city bike like a Linus or a Raleigh Classic Roadster, these make absolutely perfect accessories. Peterboro Baskets are handmade locally in Peteroro NH, out of durable hardwood. This year they’ve introduced a few new additions:

Peterboro baskets original baskets black stain natural honey

They have a new elegant black stain available.  We currently have two Original bike baskets in stock with this finish, and can order more options.

Peterboro baskets racktop basket

We also have two new models in: a top-mount basket for a rear basket. It has a solid wood base and comes with hardware.

Linus Dutchi 3 with Peterboro baskets pannier basket
And we also have their brand new pannier baskets! These are outfitted with three leather straps that attach to most racks and also have a wood handle for when you’re carrying them off the bike. We installed a set on a Linus Dutchi for show, and needles to say, they look great!