Pitlock Security Skewers

Mar 10, 2013

Pitlock locking quick release skewers and seat binder bolt

When it comes to bicycle security, it seems that most of the strongest products are also the heaviest. We’re now excited to offer an advanced alternative to the standard, heavy New York chain: Pitlock Security skewers. We have two options in stock: a Pitlock security QR skewer set (which works with any standard quick release hub) as well as a QR skewer set with a pitlock seat binder bolt. Pitlock products that come grouped together have matching “pits” rather than a standard bolt head or quick release lever, as well as a key for your set (and a code for ordering new keys). When locked down, each Pitlock bolt leaves no surfaces for tools to grip other than your own key,  ensuring that your parts will stay yours when your bike is securely locked. These are basically a must-have for anyone who rides regularly in higher-theft areas, like New York, or for anyone who uses a racing or training bike to commute.

Pitlock also offers a whole array of products from threadless topcap bolts, to disc brake fixing hardware, and more which can be ordered using  your own code.  This means we can help you create a thorough component security system based off of one key.  Next time you’re in with your bicycle, ask a salesperson how Pitlock may work for you.