PreNAHBS fun in Austin

Feb 23, 2011

What good trip would be complete without a few mechanical difficulties, right???
What will hopefully be my first/last for this trip occurred yesterday when I was attempting to assemble both my girlfriend Karla and my bicycle. I was pleasantly surprised to open our bikes and find that I was missing a split ring from my integrated headset and Karla had an axle bolt broken off into her hub (pic below)!

The build process started off well, with a Shiner Bock on the back porch…

Many expletives were used when I discovered this!

After a failed evening of bike building we headed over to Mellow Johnny’s first thing in the morning and my newest mechanic friend Chuck got me squared away quickly and cheaply!

Forecast showed a few showers today but we managed to successfully avoid the rain and find a bit of sun shine at the capitol building!