Product Review: Fuji SLM 2.0

Apr 8, 2009

Product ReviewI bought this bike to race it, so speed and efficiency are more important to me than a plush ride. After riding it a few times I have formed a few opinions:

Holy Smokes, this bike is fast!

I am impressed with the stiffness and the snappiness of the frame and drivetrain.

Climbing is easy since the bike is so light that you can easily chuck it up and over huge rocks and roots.

Descending is harsh because the rear end is unforgiving (speed comes at a price).

The combination of the handlebar mounted lockout and the stiff rear end, this bike can be sprinted. It is supremely fast on smooth sections.

As a recognized stylemonger, I can say that this bike is hot hot hot. Fuji has finally gotten their aesthetic in order.