Raleigh Restoration Photos

Apr 21, 2011

Raleigh ProfessionalA short while ago we posted a teaser photo of a late 1970’s Raleigh Professional a customer brought in to have it tuned and cleaned up. We added new bar tape, a new Brooks saddle, and rebuilt the wheelset with Mavic Open Pro rims. Charlie also spent quite of bit of his own time scrubbing and polishing, to an incredible effect. This bike isn’t new old stock, it was ridden well and it’s great to see restored to a fresh start.
Raleigh Professional
Raleigh Professional
Raleigh Professional
Raleigh Professional Campagnolo Clamp
Raleigh Professional Reynolds 531

This bike is a pretty amazing piece of craftsmanship. The frame is made with Reynolds 531 butted tubing with Campagnolo dropouts. It’s equipped with basically every Campyo part available at the time – not just the groupset, but even the cable housing clamps and frame pump stops have Campagnolo logos engraved on them. Charlie mentioned that when he removed the greaseport caps on the hub to clean them, you could peer through and read Brev. Campagnolo on the axles.Raleigh Professional Campagnolo Clamp
Raleigh Professional Campagnolo Pump Stop
Raleigh Professional Campagnolo Derailer
Raleigh Professional Campagnolo ClampsIt’s not every day we see a vintage bike of this caliber, making this bike a total pleasure to work on. If any more interesting projects happen we’ll be sure to post them here.