Renovation Snapshots

Jan 23, 2013

Pardon our bike ship mess

We’ve been planning it for years, but now it’s happening. Over the past few weeks we’ve been preparing for remodling the entire shop area, and although it’s very early in the process, changes have so far been making their mark. We understand that not all of our regular customers or friends have been able to stop by yet so we’ll be sharing the story here on our blog. As a refresher, here are a couple views of the front of the shop the way it’s been for several years:

Renovations front of bike shop register view before

Renovations front of bike shop before

…And this is what the same area looks like now:

Boston bike shop renovations

Boston bike shop renovations

We’ve  fit the entire retail space and a fully functional mechanic’s area into what’s probably about 30% of the space we normally use.  It’s been a learning process in the economy of using space, but most of our inventory is here. If you can’t find what you need, be sure to ask our staff for help as inevitably we’ll have some items in on-site storage.

bike repair area

Our mechanic’s area is down to just two repair stands instead of the usual five.  It’s a tight squeeze, but our mechanics have been making it work just fine and we still have room for all our usual inventory for repair parts and components. Thanks to all of our customers for their patience while we’ve been adapting to utilizing such a reduced space, and for respecting the space our mechanics need in order to work.

Retail slatwall takedown

Retail slatwall takedown

In the back of the shop we’ve torn down the retail floor, moved out inventory, and tore down the old service area. We found remainders of the of the shop from years past:

Columbus and dog

Shipments of materials have been dropped off. We’ve had some cabinets and storage units custom made off site, and they’re waiting for installment. We even rented a professional floor cleaner and gave the back of a shop a thorough cleaning. Now we’re just waiting for things to take off from here.

Back of the Boston bike shop

Lighting fixture for retail area

Thanks to all of our customers for their patience with our limited space to operate in. We’re dedicated to remaining open standard hours through completion of remodeling. More updates and images are to come!