Renovation Updates

Feb 8, 2013

Work gloves and countertop samples

Renovation partition

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks in the back of the shop. It seems like only yesterday the partition dividing the shop went up. Just a few weeks ago the back of the shop went from this:

Bicycle shop renovations -- big pile of stuff

Bicycle shop mechanics help with teardown

To this:

Material staging

Bicycle shop renovations -- workbenches

Since we set up a staging in the back, our electrician re-did a lot of the lighting in the back. Our new lighting elements for our retail floor have been installed:

Renovations partition with light fixtures

Bicycle shop renovations -- retail fixtures

Our staff have also been pitching in, removing old hooks and fixtures from the wall, including our compressor lines:

Bike shop re-painting…And painting. Tons of painting.

Bicycle shop renovations -- painting

Everything has been moving along quite smoothly. Our craftsmen in the back have been installing all of the benches, shelving, storage, and countertops they made off-site. The back of the shop is starting to come together. Check back later this weekend when we’ll have more photos to share!