Ronde Van Vlaanderen Causes RMM to Remember the Telecom Bike

Apr 5, 2009

Ronde Van Vlaanderen
Kip bought this bike a few years back on eBay. It is a genuine pro bike, used in the the Tour de France. You know, that race the Texan guy won a whole bunch.

This bike is built with Campagnolo Record Titanium 9 Speed, which means that it is only useful as a whole bike, none of the parts are compatible with any other parts made, not even other Campagnolo 9 Speed Groupos. So there is little chance that a part will be poached to keep another bike running.

Today I was watching the Tour of Flanders and my thoughts strayed to this bike, since it is the only genuine, really PRO raced in Europe, bike that I have ever touched.

It is beautiful.