Serfas Restock

Sep 18, 2013

Serfas USB rechargeable headlight true 750 lumen

Just in is a huge restock of products from Serfas. We’re now restocked with our standby’s from them: flat resistant tires, saddles, and their USB rechargeable bike lights. Lighting is a very important part of riding safely at night, whether you’re on the street, multi-use path, or rural roads. Above is a new option from Serfas for mountain bikers who night ride: the True 750. This USB headlight outputs 750 lumens with a wide floodlight spread, meaning that you have full coverage on the trail ahead, with a more intense center area. Lights with this kind of output are not new, but what makes the True 750 stand out is that it’s a fully self-contained unit without any sort of wired battery pack. It comes packed with a USB/AC adaptor, spare lens, lens cleaning cloth, and handlebar mount for just $160.

Serfas USB rechargeable headlight true 750 lumen

Our trusty Serfas USBS combo pack is back in stock with a redesigned taillight:

Serfas USB rechargeable light combo

This model now mounts behind the post, rather than to the side. It still comes with two USB cables and is only just $39.95. Did you know you can get ticketed in Cambridge for riding without lights at night? Having a set of lights like these is a great way to avoid the inconvenience of getting pulled over, and also will keep you visible to all traffic on the roads. The days are starting to get shorter. Don’t get caught in the dark after a long day at work or an evening class. Ask our sales staff to check these out!