Soma Iggy Wheelset and Gomah King Carrier

Oct 18, 2009

We have two new items for sale in the shop that are making waves. The first is Soma Fabrication’s Iggy Wheelset.

Soma Iggy Wheelset
What’s so radical about a three-speed set of wheels, you may ask? Well, the Iggy is a chrome-finished, double-walled, alloy wheelset with machined sidewalls…and a hub spaced at 120mm to fit a track bike! In short, it’s the remedy for those who tire of riding either fixed gear or single speed for only $269.95!

Soma Iggy WheelsetThis lovely rack is the Gamoh King Carrier. It’s made of super-tough steel tubes with wooden slats in the carrying platform, and is rated to hold 40 lbs. It’s a great, strong rack for any utilitarian bicycle or grocery getter. With a pair of cruiser bars, this rack, and a basic track frame you can make a very fast, fun, and functional three speed. Stop in and buy these before our staff does!