Some of Us Are More Hardcore Than Others…

Apr 11, 2009

I raced a Pro1-2-3 race today and thought that I was pretty tough (though I was dispatched rather quickly).
Then my woman came home from a mountain bike race.

Some of Us Are More
She is battered and bruised, having endured some of the worst conditions on the circuit in years: driving rain laced with sleet mucking up demanding technical trails. She was still shivering 4 hours later!

I thought that the condition of her bicycle and her clothing was noteworthy. Remember this bike has been on top of a car for 150 miles which allowed lots of mud to fall off in the rain.

Some of Us Are More
Also I am showing the inside of her clothes (please, no fresh remarks, we are all mature here) so that you can note the amount of mud that permeated her being.

Some of Us Are More

She is quite proud of her hard fought third place.