Thank You, Craigslist

Sep 3, 2009

Thank You, CraigslistTranscription:

Hello Boy-At-The-Bike-Store,

I have a crush on you. I bring my bike in sometimes and you change the tire for me. Sometimes I come in to try to talk to you but I lose courage and buy something I don’t really need instead. My room is filling up with bicycle supplies and I don’t even know your name!


We heard about a craigslist ad first day yesterday morning from a customer and it made our day. We like it when people think we’re cute, but please stop buying things you don’t need, post author, that makes us sad. But BikeSnobNYC hopefully will hear about this and maybe even blog about it. That makes us excited.

If you have a crush on any one of us please post about it, or if you prefer to hide your feelings, at least write us a good review on Yelp because we’d like to have the reputation of “Dreamiest Bike Shop Employees” in the Boston area.