The Packing Adventure… NAHBS NAHBS NAHBS!!!!

Feb 26, 2011

Packing a bike to fly can be a mildly stressful ordeal. Airlines often charge high fees for bicycles and if you are anything like me you don’t like the thought of your bike getting tossed around by baggage handlers who likely laugh at the word FRAGILE written on boxes.

While I have had a reasonable amount of luck using a new bike box and packing it with care, this trip I have decided to try something new. Kip (owner of Cambridge Bicycle and Superb) offered to let me borrow his Bike Pro USA soft bag. While my girlfriend Karla and I had originally planned on bring our road bikes after examining the soft bag we decided that switching to our track bikes to cut down on weight and size was a must do.

Standard packing job using a new bike box:
Standard Bicycle Packaging

Bike Pro USA plus track bikes for the WIN: 2 bikes, 1 bag.
Bike Pro USA soft bag

Still trying to out how to pack up Zowie Pup
Zowie Pup