Used Wheel Sale!

Nov 30, 2009

Used Wheel Sale

UPDATE: These deals have been long gone! Please call us to see what current deals we have in stock.

If you’ve been looking for a replacement or spare wheel for your hybrid, road, or mountain bike, we’ve got great news for you. We have a slough of used wheels on sale from $20! All used wheels are $20, or $25-35 if they have a tire, gear cluster, or both -In 700c, 26″, and 27″ standards. We’ve got both modern wheels and a few vintage gems:

Used Wheel Sale…Such as a Phil Wood freehub wheel… (ok, we’re cutting this hub out and it’s on sale or $150, but all the other wheels are cheap as can be…)

Used Wheel Sale…And a Suzue front wheel, 24″ road standard with 1 1/4″ tire.

We still have several on-sale frames, as well as plenty of items in our $5 and up sale bins. There are many great deals happening in the shop. We’ve got just what you need for holiday shopping, winter build projects, and commuting needs. Ask our sales staff what we’ve got in stock and on sale!\