Volume Update!!

Apr 16, 2009

Volume Update
I just got word of the newest Volume gear that should be dropping in about a month. First off is the Version 3 of the Cutter pictured above. Small changes from version 2, imprinted speaker logo on the headbadge istead of the cut out, modified dropout, and new colors, Green, Prism White, and Raw. Also in the photo is the new Volume Freestyle Fork. Which is barspin compatible, and comes with a lifetime warranty. It will come in the same colors as the cutter frame but is sold seperately. Last but not least is the Volume 130BCD Spider designed to run BMX cranks on your fixed gear(also visible in the photo.) The stuff looks great and Tom and I have been riding the hell out of our Volumes with no problems so far.

PS: We still have a whole size run of the Volume Creedence complete in stock