Wheel and Rim Sale

Jan 8, 2013

Ultegra Hub 650c bicycle wheel

UPDATE: These deals have been long gone! Please call us to see what current deals we have in stock.


In the process of cleaning up, we’ve dug up a bunch o random wheels and rims. Some are weird, some are awesome, and they are all priced to move:

Sun rims 24 inch BFR rimSun Rims 24″ (507 mm diameter, 29mm width) BFR – double walled, single eyeleted, 36 hole.  Non-machined sidewall. Never built up but has some shop grime on it. Sale price: $20!

Vintage Campagnolo Victory Strada 700c tubular rim

Campagnolo Victory Strada 700c tubular road rim. Double walled, double-eyeleted, 36 hole. No signs of ever being glued or built. Some scratches/shop wear, though. Sale price: $40!

Mavic Ellipse 700c rim for track

Mavic Ellipse 700c track rim – 18 hole! Does have a blemish from factory, otherwise in great condition. Sale price: $40!

Mavic A719 700c rims

Mavic A719 700c rim – 40-hole only! Double walled, double eyeleted, welded seam, machined sidewalls. Awesome touring or tandem wheel. Sale price: $45 each.

Velocity Synergy 650b rims

Velocity Synergy 650B rims. Brand new, light shop wear.  Double-walled, single eyeleted, 36 hole only. Yes, these are 650B. Sale price: $30 each.

BMX QR front wheel

24″ BMX custom wheel: unmarked road hub laced to Sun BFR rim. Sale price: $25. SOLD

Vintage Shimano 3-speed 27 inch wheel

OLD Shimano 3-speed hub, 27″ steel rim.  If you have a 27″ 3-speed bike that is in otherwise good condition but needs a new wheel this is for you. Sale price: $20! SOLD

Velocity Deep V 650c rear wheel

NOS Velocity 650c rear wheel – Velocity 9-speed hub,  Shimano cassette freehub, Deep V rim in original plastic. Non-machined sidewalls .  Let’s just reiterate that this is a 650C wheel.  Grab that old Quintana Roo frame from the garage and turn it into a commuter. Sale price: $50! SOLD

Velocity Deep V Shimano Ultegra 650c rear wheel

Shimano /Velocity 650c rear wheel – Ultegra hub, Deep V rim, bladed spokes, in great condition.  Clearly this is a great quality wheel for a 650c road frame. Sale price: $70! SOLD

We do not have any of these rims out on the display floor. Stop in and ask our sales staff about them. Quantities are limited so these are first come, first served. Sale prices are ONLY for these particular items listed above. Sale prices cannot and will not be applied to other wheels, rims, or special orders.