Winter Gift Guide – Classic City Bike Accessories

Dec 18, 2012

If your recipient has a classic style city bike, such as a Linus or a Raleigh Classic Roadster

Gifts under $25

Chain L No. 5 ($11.95) is not just a great name, but also a great lubricant and can make a clean chain run very quiet.

Every city bike needs a bell. Add some elegance to their handlebars with our Japanese Crane Bells. Available in brass or alloy for $14.95 each.

Bicycle chains can stain or rip pants. Brooks leather Trouser Straps are a classy means of keeping theirs out of the way ($24.95).

Gifts under $50

What else is better to carry a picnic lunch in other than a Peterboro Basket? These are made in NH of fine quality wood with leather straps. Available in a variety of sizes for $32.95 and up.

Replace their worn and tired handlebar grips with black, brown, or white leather grips by Linus ($34.95/pair).

Linus Teardrop Headlights ($35.95) add some light to their dreary winter days without compromising their bicycle’s timeless look.

Gifts under $100

For shopping, commuting, and running errands the Linus Sac is a durable option. Made of waxed canvas, this fits most rear racks.

Linus Office Bag

Not all helmets are created equal. Bern Berkeley and Brentwood helmets have the style and comfort others don’t.

Gifts over $100

Brooks Toolbag

Linus Market Bag

Brooks Saddles