Winter Riding

Dec 22, 2009

Winter RidingIt may be cold, snowy, and wet, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to ride a bicycle. Although it’s not exactly t-shirt weather, it’s definitely possible to stay warm, dry, and upright through seemingly unrideable conditions. The above photo shows a winter bike belonging to our sales employee, Ben. It has a few notable elements that make it a good winter bike. These include a fixed-gear drive train for better traction, boot-friendly BMX pedals, a cantilever front brake for extra stopping power in sloppy weather, and (most importantly) a stainless steel chain by KMC. The only thing missing is a set of fenders to keep all that salt off his legs, feet, and bike.

Winter RidingWhen salt sits on metal parts, damage through corrosion will occur. A stainless steel chain is much more resilient to corrosion and rust. Additionally, the lack of extra gears, derailleurs, and cables on this bike ensures that there are less moving parts to become corroded, fused together, and broken. A simple bike is a durable bike, which is exactly what makes a winter bike great.

Come talk to us if you have any questions about converting a bike for winter use, or creating a custom winter bike of your own design. We also have the above accessories and components in stock, as well as plenty of others that will help you stay on a bike all year long.